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Post Fight Interview Chuck ONeil after WIN over Marcus Davis W-1:Reloaded

Warrior One MMA presented W-1:Reloaded on October 15, 2012 which headlined UFC vet Marcus Davis vs former Ultimate Fighter participant Chuck ONeil.


ONeil used his reach combined with exceptional grappling skills to earn him a bloody and artful win over Davis.


MMA2Day Show got to meet with ONeil and interview him after his victorious fight.


What an amazing fight! How are you feeling after that?

I feel amazing! It was a huge win. Its only up from here.


So whats next for you? Do you know who your next opponent is?

I dont know my next opponent as of now, I just know Ill be back in the training room on Monday, training hard and keep getting better & better.


Tell me what your strategy was going into this fight.

Going into this fight against Marcus I knew he was a dangerous striker. Im 62, hes 510- I had to keep him at the end of my punches. I feel I did a good job, you know? I only got hit with one of his punches, knee him when I got close to him, take him down if he got too close, started working him on the ground, thats what happened. Oh yeah, and make him bleed! I did that too!   


Do you like to stand with your opponents or take them to the ground?

I like to win against my opponents! Whatevers there Im gunna take it!


Whats your favorite strike/submission to use in any fight?

Uh, anything to the face. I like kneeing people in the body and in the face.


What would you say is your signature move?

All my training partners say the triangle is my money move. Thats what got me my money, so I would say the triangle.


Worst place youve ever been hit?

Uh, in the peep.


Haha, besides that?

I got punched in the throat once, that sucked!


What would you say separates you from any other fighter in your division?

Im out of my freaking mind! I mean Im 62 and work harder than anyone else.


Whos your biggest inspiration?

My head training partner, Jimmy Quinlan.


Marcus was calling you out before this fight went down. What do you have to say to him now?

Your blood doesnt taste so good! Nah, Marcus is a good guy and Ive got all the respect in the world for him. Hes a legend in this sport and it was an honor to get in there with him. Ive got nothing bad to say to him.

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