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Tank Abbott vs.Scott Ferrozo Oct 30

MMAprime.tv just got a text from a member of Tank’s camp saying “tank is officially fighting this weekend; funds have been secured.”

Tank Abbott will compete in an NHB fight against his long time rival from the dark ages of the UFC, Scott Ferrozo.  This match had been rumored a few weeks back, but not confirmed by Tank’s Camp.  Tank’s Camp did us a solid by sending the info over as soon as it became official.  Tank gained fame during the early ufc events and lost in 1996 via TKo to Scott Ferrozo.  Tank now holds a record of 10 wins and 14 losses and his opponent Ferrozo has a record of 4 wins and 2 losses, but has not competed since 1997.  For old school fans, this will be an epic match up.

This fight and the details had been rumored and made public by www.joeshowradio.com and it turns out that his information we will post below was indeed accurate.

The fight is taking place on October 30th in Dayton, Ohio at the old Dixie Cowgirls Night Club, address 5500 north dixie drive.

The club is an old strip club and the dancing stage will be converted into a fighting cage.

The fight will be using old school NHB (UFC 1) rules. Apparently the fight is only going to be stopped if one man is about to die I’m told.

Read more: http://mmaprime.tv/2011/10/25/official-legend-tank-abbott-to-fight-this-weekend/#ixzz1bu0DBpPc

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