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Rashad Evans says, My Brazilian teammates hate Chael, hate him, like real bad

WHOA! TV in conjunction with Bleacher Reports Jonathan Shrager proudly present and indepth conversation with the UFCs Rashad Evans.

On Greg Jackson

I was kind of upset about the way things went down between the two of us, but I played my part in the whole thing. Its not completely all Gregs fault the way things went down. So to me, it feels like he was wrong, and for him, he feels like I wronged him.

I dont know man, time heals all things.

At the end of it it is about the relationships you make along the way and competing. We had a good relationship before, so who knows hat could happen after all this is said and done?

On Chael Sonnen

My Brazilian teammates hate Chael, hate him, like real bad. Danilo Villefort said if the UFC gave him a chance, hed fight him for free.

Chaels just being Chael, I dont think he means everything he says hes selling a fight, you know? But at the same time, hes offending a lot of people.

Chaels a bright guy, I think hes just getting carried away there.

On Jon Jones

The UFC told me to go in there, idiot. Dont  get mad at me, get mad at Dana White.

Jon Jones cant help but to jack my swagger. At first I was kind of bothered by it, but now I am kind of flattered. He cant help it. Hes jacking my swagger and he dont even know hes jacking my swagger. He looks up to me.

Im going to take his spirit


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