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Dana Whites Moms Video Interview is Down: Here are some Highlights

 Jerry Millen is Back With Another Attack on Dana White and This Time He Brought Dana’s Psycho Mom For Back-UP

When Dana White’s mom released a “tell-all” book a few months back, we all figured that it was a result of sour grapes for not being cut a check when Dana started making stacks of cash.

Now we’re pretty sure we were right and that this crazy woman has some sort of vendetta against her son, considering she’s teamed up with one of Dana’s most bitter enemies, Jerry Millen for the scathing interview above. Millen posted the video on YouTube under the pseudonym “louisthompson90010,” but it’s clear that it’s him posing some of the questions. It’s sad really that he would travel on his own dime to interview this spiteful woman in an effort to make Dana look bad.

Millen’s motives become clear from the get go and you can see that through choppy editing and leading questions that he was able to make June White seem like an even more bitter estranged parent than she already did when she called Dana Rosemary’s Baby and claimed he had no soul.

Some highlights of the combined douchebaggery of JW and JM :

• June decided to start talking ill of her son when his grandmother died and he didn’t take care of her as allegedly promised and didn’t go to the funeral

• She believes her son takes steroids

• She accuses Dana of cheating on his wife, calls the marriage “a joke” and says he “puts Tiger Woods to Shame”

• She claims to “know for sure” that Dana is sleeping with plenty of the ring card girls including Amber Nicole and Rachelle Leah

• She says Dana slept with his sister-in-law in her house

• She alleges Dana got the worst black eye she’s ever seen and nearly lost his eye after his wife attacked him on their honeymoon

• Mr. Vendetta Millen claims to have first hand knowledge of the FTC investigation of the UFC because he was interviewed by them

• For whatever reason, Millen asks Dana’s mom if she thinks the UFC has a monopoly in MMA and *GASP* she does

• She claims she has never asked Dana for a cent and that she paid her own way to go to events when they were on good terms, which is odd since Dana has been known to foot the bill for airfare and hotels for random fans to go to shows

• She also claims that she didn’t write the book for money, she did it to make Dana check himself and hopefully become a better person. If this is true, wouldn’t a heartfelt letter to her son have been a more constructive option?

• She opines that maybe Dana needs a shrink to deal with his problems. Finding out he was switched at birth would better do the trick.

• At the end of the interview she actually invited Dana to come see her so they can talk. Seriously. It would make more sense that she was Jerry Millen’s mom.

• She alleges that her smear campaign against Dana “was tough” and that “anyone as a parent can certainly understand that.” Really? Because I’m a parent and I’m pretty sure I would never try to publicly slander and humiliate my kid, but that’s just me.

• She says she still loves him, but “would love to see him change” and “make things the way she wants them” and to have her “old Dana back”

• She tries to play the guilt card by saying that it’s unfair to Dana’s kids that she doesn’t get to see them. Like you could trust her not to fill their heads with bullshit like this.

Man. I’m shocked that a team of lawyers haven’t shown up at her door. That woman is crazy. Remind me to send my mom some flowers.

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